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Field Mowing Schedule

To help share the mowing duties at the field, please volunteer by sending an e-mail to hforkner@dtccom.net   It is recommended that you should try to schedule the mowing on a Thursday if weather and field conditions permit.

Click for mowing instructions

Here are the volunteers for the field maintenance for 2019.  If you are scheduled and a problem arises, please contact Holly Forkner.

UCRCS 2019 Mowing Schedule

Try to mow on Wednesday or Thursday of the week

Week of

Member Responsible

Jun 16 Gene Hankins
Jun 23 Gary McCullough
Jun 30 Danny Wilson
July 7 David Lalone
July 14 Bob Sealy
July 21 Nate Holmes
July 28 Tim Walker
Aug 4 Corey Lecompte
Aug 11
Aug 18 Nate Holmes
Aug 25
Sept 1 Danny Wilson
Sept 8
Sept 15
Sept 22
Sept 29
Oct 6
Oct 13
Oct 20
Oct 27
Nov 3
Nov 10

Please follow the below mowing instructions;

  • Do not mow areas that have water standing or that are wet, it will cause ruts in the runway.

  • If you do find a wet spot while mowing, go as slow as possible.  This is the best way to avoid making ruts in the runway.

  • Do not mow any areas that have recently been filled in and are soft.  If you canít walk on them, you probably canít mow them.

The upper part of the runway is never much of a problem to mow. If you can not mow part or all of the bottom section, it is no big deal. Do not try to mow areas that are wet just to get it done. They can always be done later.

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